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The Chiari Care Center was founded by Dr. John Oró, neurosurgeon, the Medical Director of Neurosciences at The Medical Center of Aurora.

Dr. John OróDr. Oró's commitment to advancing Chiari care developed during his tenure as Professor and Chief of Neurosurgery at the University of Missouri. He recalls that, "in 1998, I developed a special interest in Chiari I Malformation because I saw that many people were not receiving adequate evaluation and treatment." Since his initial interest, Dr. Oró's dedication to providing the best surgical procedures and patient care has increased. In 2005, he relocated to Colorado to continue his practice in neurosurgery.

As the Medical Director of Neurosciences at The Medical Center of Aurora, Dr. Oró's expertise covers a variety of neurological disorders, including brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms and disorders of the spine. His unique dedication to aiding those afflicted with Chiari I Malformation has made him one of the most sought after surgeons in the nation.

Dr. Oró has been listed among the Best Doctors in America since 2001, and he has been listed among America's Top Surgeons since 2007. Beyond being a highly skilled surgeon, he has held numerous appointments, serving on boards and committees at the state and national levels.

Dr. Oró's involvement in research for Chiari I Malformation and the tethered spinal cord remains a high priority within his practice. He continues to present his research results and perspectives at national meetings and in published articles and other materials.